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New Everbearer Strawberry Plants

This year I have decided to grow lots of strawberries and berries so that I can make jam and cordials later in the year, These are my new strawberry plants that I have bought this year which are Everbearer Albion which flower and fruit all the way from June through to October (weather permitting).


These are some of last years plants flowering already… iv also popped a few of the plants I have grown from seed from the bumble bee mix to add a bit of extra colour and help those little bees…


these are some of last years shoot off’s which I have planted up separately…




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Ripe Strawberries! :D

After their time in the greenhouse the strawberries have nearly ripened, while the weather is not to bad I have decided to place them now outside, I am also hoping that this will decrease the amount of white fly that has been attracted to them and that maybe a lower temperature and the odd spell of rain will help to dislodge them, (just hopefully not onto my other plants!).

You can just about see all the remaining white fly on the soil at the front of the pot…

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Amis all my pest problems, my plants in the greenhouse are producing nice big fruit which are also now starting to ripen!

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Strawberry update

I currently have strawberry plants in a few places round my garden, three are in a planter in the greenhouse, which i showed in a previous post, last week I planted another three in one of my wall baskets and the remaining three are in pots along my back wall. Surprisingly it the plants in my wall planter which are doing the best, this week they have produced nice large strawberries and so far i am having no trouble with slugs birds or anything else eating them. The ones in the green house are still doing well, their foliage is getting massive and they have started producing more fruit this week, but nothing yet has ripened…

I enjoyed these lovely strawberries today, they were loveley, juicy and sweet i can’t belive nothing else has found them! my only problem now is needing more of them!!

Greenhouse planter

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Taking Root!

Everything seems to be flurishing in this nice weather, I have been able to move a lot of plants outside, which is a good job becuase inside was staring to become quite over-run….

My cucmber plants were over growing in the propagators so I moved them into a grow bag were hopefully they will like it a lot better, and will grow nice and big. Origanlly i had them on the floor so there was room for them to grow up, but I thought they would get more sun up on this top shelf!

I planted some of my strawberries into this long planter and since then they seem to have really taken to their new home. Being in the greenhouse has bought more fruit and the new planters has given them more space to grow!

A couple of weeks  ago I planted some mixed dahlia bulbs, i kept them in the greenhouse so they would stay warm but this week i brought them out while the weather is so hot and this week they have started to come up!

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