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Peppers and Tomatoes

As you can see below my tomatoes and pepper plants have grown nice and big due to the nice weather we have had, in fact they have well outgrown their current seed trays, and are more than read to be re-potted individually so that there roots can establish properly and they have room to grow further foliage.

I have been waiting to collect some decent size pots from Granyma’s that I could re-pot them into. At the time I only had smaller pots which were better than the seed trays they were in but in time would need re-potting again from. However yesterday i was able to pick up some more pots from their greenhouse, and some more soil, so this morning I have been potting up as many as i can, both pepper plants and tomatoes. I have added a few canes to some which have grown slanted ect within the seed trays to try to encourage them to grow upwards, which im sure they will do as their roots settle and they are laced in the sun. Before long I ran out room to place them in the greenhouse, Later on my plan is to grow half of my tomatoes plants outside, however coming straight from indoors I want to acclimatise them first. So far now this is all that I could plant up, but it makes a big difference to the amount that was in the trays before…

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