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Adventures of the garden patch

Pea shoots

1st set of pea plants, desperately in need of a trellis… starting to flower already though same type as last year Kelvedon Wonder


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Pea pods

The tendrils have really strated using the canes now for support, and nearly all are now growing upwards along the canes instead of sideways,

and a few of the plants have started flowering now so its good job that the plants are using the support so that they will be able to sustain the weight of the pods :)

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Happy Garden Peas!

My garden peas have now started using the trellis i have trained them up, their tendrils have now attached to the trellis allowing the pea plants to grow upwards. Although some have started winding round the inside of the trellis and connecting their tendrils in the middle for support. These plants have also started flowering, unfortunately the pea plants on the smaller trellis have not started flowering yet but again there tendrils have now started using their mini trellis as its support…

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Home made trellis

My peas like the sweet peas were also requiring some thing to grow up, as they had started twining round each other and anything they could get hold of around them! However all the tall trellis I saw were at least £25 so instead I bought this frame for £2.99 and created my own with bamboo sticks. The peas don’t need to be quite a high as the sweet peas, although I think a trellis like they have would be easier to harvest from, but I have no more walls which get enough sun to place one on. So instead I built this…

The plants were fairly easy to re-pot becuase the roots have developed so much they came straight out of their original seed trays. The roots will have a lot more room to grow in here meaning stronger plants that can grow nice and tall up their new support system!

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Garden Pea’s

My pea’s are coming on well, i grew some outside and some indoors under a propagotor, the main difference was their height. The ones indoors grew very quickly compared to the outside crop however the weather has also gotten warmer but with acces to so much constant sunshine the peas indoors have not grown as tall as those outside ones but have grown a lot of leaves. They all seem to be doing well though and today i have brought the peas which were indoors outisde with the pthers to acclimatise while we are hvaing this sunny spell. (I also found recently that some of the leaves had strated drying up inside the propagotor which I belive is due to the heat).

Even though my peas are doing well at the minute as soon as i can i need to find a final home for them were they will have room to grow, space for their roots and something to grow up!

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