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Adventures of the garden patch

Budding Dahlias

Both my Dahlia plants have grown considerably in the last couple of weeks, there are still no signs of buds yet but they see, to be getting bigger each day…

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My Dahlia bulb has started growing fully now, it has gone from being a shoot to a fully fledged plant in the last week… I was also very surprised to see a second shoot coming up just behind the main plant.

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Taking Root!

Everything seems to be flurishing in this nice weather, I have been able to move a lot of plants outside, which is a good job becuase inside was staring to become quite over-run….

My cucmber plants were over growing in the propagators so I moved them into a grow bag were hopefully they will like it a lot better, and will grow nice and big. Origanlly i had them on the floor so there was room for them to grow up, but I thought they would get more sun up on this top shelf!

I planted some of my strawberries into this long planter and since then they seem to have really taken to their new home. Being in the greenhouse has bought more fruit and the new planters has given them more space to grow!

A couple of weeks  ago I planted some mixed dahlia bulbs, i kept them in the greenhouse so they would stay warm but this week i brought them out while the weather is so hot and this week they have started to come up!

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