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Adventures of the garden patch

Veg patch

This is how the veg patch is doing…


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1st veg patch of the year

IMG_7416 IMG_7417

Before planting I treated the soil with the caterpillar spray, feed and a good churn. Hopefully this will have destroyed any eggs that were hiding in the soil.


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Carrot Seedlings


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September Harvest

Only a small harvest, I pulled out the rest of the Maris Piper potatoes, and rescued what i could from the carrot and onion patch that has been ravaged by caterpillars so unfortunately the ones left are a bit small as you can see!

September Harvest


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Carrott Update…

Still no sign of carrott fly and the carrotts seem to be doing really well…

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Carrots all settled in…

I was a bit worried that a few of my carrots would die when i moved them into this new planter, thinking that their roots would not re-establish, but loosing some would be better than loosing them all,  but I was wrong, all the plants have so far stayed alive, and as you can see they have also started growing almost straight away, I think the extra room is just what they needed!


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Final home: Carrots and oninons

As a matter of urgency I decided to re-home my carrots. They were growing no bigger in the smaller seed trays I had set them in but as you can see from my previous post I was worried about damaging their roots. However I bit the bullet and re-homed them. The carrots in the small seed tray i simply moved all as one, there may be a problem later on for space but for now it was the best solution, to keep root disturbance to a minimum. The carrots which were in the individual trays which I photographed previously, were easier to move. because I had sown four to each section it was easier to separate them along with their original soil around the roots. So with these I planted them separately around the edges. So far they seem to be doing ok but I expect some may wilt after the trauma of being moved but I will keep you up to date on how they are doing. Now that I have more soil I also decided to pot some of my onions. Most of them were now in individual pots, however some of my white onions were still clumped together in their original seed pot and needed desperately re-homing. It was easier than last time as the plants are stronger and have better established roots, and the ones planted individually went straight in along with the soil from their pots. They will be a lot easier to manage in here than in the many single pots and there roots will have much more space to develop, and hopefully crop me some nice large onions!

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Carrot seeds

I am a little concerned about my carrots, i have never grown carrots before but before doing so i read up about being able to grow them in pots and so thought i would give ot a go! When i was sowing them i set them into seed trays but unlike other seeds carrot seeds are verfy small and fine s it was hard to set a certain amount in each pallet, however I did so with my first crop setting only four seeds in each seed tray. the second time round I planted them in rows in a shallow tray. Both are now coming along well, but i am now concerned as to how i am going to move them in to deep soil!