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Veg patch

This is how the veg patch is doing…


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1st veg patch of the year

IMG_7416 IMG_7417

Before planting I treated the soil with the caterpillar spray, feed and a good churn. Hopefully this will have destroyed any eggs that were hiding in the soil.


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My beetroot leaves are getting nice and big they are now probably just under about half the size im hoping they will grow to. I am happy that there seems to be enough space for each one to grow out, there are some which are obviously growing a lot quicker and larger than others but when they get a bit bigger I can start to use a few of the leaves for salads to thin them out.

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This is how my beetroot is looking now…

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Since moving my beetroot into this trellis, surprisingly none of them have died off with root disturbance, I am so pleased! I was really worried with them still being quite delicate that some of the smaller plants would not take but every single one of them has pushed on, and now they are all growing nicely, with new shoots and bigger leaves they are getting bigger every day! :)

At the moment I have placed them on the outside window ledge were they are getting lots more sunshine benifiting from being slightly higher up.

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I set my beetroot about a month ago under a propagator along with my cucumber and a few peas, they were the first to shoot up taking only a few days to germinate. However they did not work well with the cucmbers as they cucmbers needed to stay warmer than the beetrot and i found it was either one or the other that would start wilting. So with my cucmber growing to big for the propagotor anyway, i decided it was time for me to carefully move the beetroor to a better home. I had thought about moving it earlier but with weather not being to nice I was worried about them wilting especially coming straight from the propagotor.

I decided to use this nice little trought, which i thught was deep enough to allow betteroot to grow and big enough to space them evenly. I was worried about the roots still being to delicate to move however i managed to gently re-pot as many as i could from my seed trays, and hopefully they will take root in their new home! :)

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