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Adventures of the garden patch

Taking Root!

Everything seems to be flurishing in this nice weather, I have been able to move a lot of plants outside, which is a good job becuase inside was staring to become quite over-run….

My cucmber plants were over growing in the propagators so I moved them into a grow bag were hopefully they will like it a lot better, and will grow nice and big. Origanlly i had them on the floor so there was room for them to grow up, but I thought they would get more sun up on this top shelf!

I planted some of my strawberries into this long planter and since then they seem to have really taken to their new home. Being in the greenhouse has bought more fruit and the new planters has given them more space to grow!

A couple of weeks  ago I planted some mixed dahlia bulbs, i kept them in the greenhouse so they would stay warm but this week i brought them out while the weather is so hot and this week they have started to come up!

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Garden Pea’s

My pea’s are coming on well, i grew some outside and some indoors under a propagotor, the main difference was their height. The ones indoors grew very quickly compared to the outside crop however the weather has also gotten warmer but with acces to so much constant sunshine the peas indoors have not grown as tall as those outside ones but have grown a lot of leaves. They all seem to be doing well though and today i have brought the peas which were indoors outisde with the pthers to acclimatise while we are hvaing this sunny spell. (I also found recently that some of the leaves had strated drying up inside the propagotor which I belive is due to the heat).

Even though my peas are doing well at the minute as soon as i can i need to find a final home for them were they will have room to grow, space for their roots and something to grow up!

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I have also been growing some sweetpeas, which i had origanlly intended to match with my peas for a little extra colour, however they are exceeding everything else I set a the smae time. At the  minute they are in the stairs windowsill, were they can be suported by the glass, however soon i need a support for them before they start willting. The sunflowers seeds i set at the same time are also doing well, and I repot them today into a larger pot. The lavender however has not come along great so far but i am still hopefull! :)

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Carrot seeds

I am a little concerned about my carrots, i have never grown carrots before but before doing so i read up about being able to grow them in pots and so thought i would give ot a go! When i was sowing them i set them into seed trays but unlike other seeds carrot seeds are verfy small and fine s it was hard to set a certain amount in each pallet, however I did so with my first crop setting only four seeds in each seed tray. the second time round I planted them in rows in a shallow tray. Both are now coming along well, but i am now concerned as to how i am going to move them in to deep soil!


Wildlife report

It has been good to see more bee’s in the garden, there has been a push in recent months for people to encourage bumble bee’s back into gardens by planting bee friendly plants as the bumble bee is in decline in Britain due to loss of habitat and wild flowers. Which is why it was nice today to see so many bee’s in the garden mainly they came to visit the rasberry plant, and then a few found the flowers in my new hanging baskets. I think in if possible I will try and get some more bee friendly plants in the garden including a few more flowers! Hopefully the Daliahs will soon come up and add a bit of well needed colour and make a few more bee’s happy in Preston! :)

Bee Friendly Rasberry

New hanging basket flowers

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Garden Overview

Most plants in the garden now seem to be doing well, the only problem i have had recently is with slugs! they ate half of one of the cucumber plants so I have put down slug pellets and moved them to the top shelf.


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I set my beetroot about a month ago under a propagator along with my cucumber and a few peas, they were the first to shoot up taking only a few days to germinate. However they did not work well with the cucmbers as they cucmbers needed to stay warmer than the beetrot and i found it was either one or the other that would start wilting. So with my cucmber growing to big for the propagotor anyway, i decided it was time for me to carefully move the beetroor to a better home. I had thought about moving it earlier but with weather not being to nice I was worried about them wilting especially coming straight from the propagotor.

I decided to use this nice little trought, which i thught was deep enough to allow betteroot to grow and big enough to space them evenly. I was worried about the roots still being to delicate to move however i managed to gently re-pot as many as i could from my seed trays, and hopefully they will take root in their new home! :)

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Hello Granyma!

Hi Granyma!

I have created this little page so i can share with you how my garden is progressing, little jobs i do as i go along and how my plants are growing!

Hope you like it!


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I have been sorting out my onions and seperating them into larher pots so that they have room to grow…

The pot at the front are my spring onions, and the pot behind are a few of my red oninons. I spaced my red onions out individually so that they would have enough room to grow.

These are more of my red oninons, i ended up having to plant them all indvidually as i ran out of larger pots. These have been in the greenhouse since the earlier bad weather but since the weather has changed they are not growing as well as the ones outside so today i am going to move them out and see if they pick up…

All I have left to do now is re-pot these white oninons, unfortunatly i have run out of pots and soil but hopefully it wont be too long before i get them more space to grow!

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Mammoth Potatoes

I planted my potatoes a couple of weeks ago and since then they are shooting up in just two weeks they are already at the top of the bag…! These are my ? potatoes, of which i still have some left. Today I also planted some King Edwards Which then will hopefully be ready to harvest in July (3-4 weeks after these).

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